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Javascript SDK

Archethic Blockchain Official Javascript SDK is available on Github

This SDK will help you to generate transaction on top of Archethic Blockchain.


The AEWeb product is using this SDK to build transaction to deploy web hosting assets in the Archethic Blockchain. Please have a look


The first thing to do is to install and import the package from the npm registry:

npm install archethic
const archethic = require('archethic')

Transaction building

Then you can create a transaction by using the transaction builder

const archethic = require('archethic')
const tx = archethic.newTransactionBuilder("transfer")
.addUCOTransfer("0000B094E5C0245EB8DF519749CC49EDB545DEBB129A8BAE34D20D3E6118F64880CB", 10000)
.build("mysecretseed", 0)

You will need to have funds allocated to the previous address of the transaction as it's using UTXO model.


You will also notice an originPrivateKey which is required to assert the transaction was built from an authenticated device. (See Proof Of Work for more details)

Transaction sending

Once the transaction built, we can send it to the network by passing a given endpoint (i.e

tx = ....
archethic.sendTransaction(tx, endpoint)

This will return you a Promise, so you can then assert for success or failure.